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We're super excited to announce the listing of WES on the Bololex exchange.
WES is now live and paired as follows: WES/TRX WES/USDT WES/Bolo

Go to the Bololex exchange buy WES with TRX and or USDT and then stake your WES in our own
staking platform and earn staking rewards:

The highest APY found anywhere!

Please scroll to the bottom to see a tutorial video!

Minimum deposits to account balance: 60 WES

Maximum deposit per transaction: 5000 WES

Minimum withdrawal from staking reward/cashout balance: 75 WES.

Maximum withdrawal requests per transaction:5000 WES

Withdrawal fee: 0.75% (Subject to change)

Step 1: Add Funds/deposit WES into your account balance following the steps as shown on the page when clicking on Add Funds, be 100% SURE to paste the transaction or hash id in the step 2 part and click the button to submit. Your deposits canNOT be processed without it!!!!!!

Step 2: Stake in a pool of choice, the system deducts WES from account balance.

1: All WES tokens staked in any pool are locked up for the duration of the pool you stake in.

However: The staking rewards can be withdrawn at any time providing you have the minimum.

2: Multiple staking possible in all 4 pools up to the maximum amount of WES in all 4 pools.

Each stake runs its own course as per the duration of the pool you stake in.

That applies to all 4 pools.

Staking pool 1: 30 days, Minimum: 60, maximum 500. Staking rewards accrued daily at:

Staking pool 2: 60 days, Minimum: 100, maximum: 2000. Staking rewards accrued daily at: 0.23%

Staking pool 3: 90 days, Minimum: 100, maximum: 6000. Staking rewards accrued daily at: 0.45%

Staking pool 4: 180 days, Minimum: 100, maximum: 8000. Staking rewards accrued daily at: 0.50%

Additional details coming soon!